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EnhanceTV is a not-for-profit video site exclusively for Australian teachers and students.


Bring curriculum-linked video into your classroom with department accredited ‘Suggested Text’ collections.

With primary and secondary video collections for NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia and a primary collection specifically tailored for all states and territories.

Get started with primary English

Bring rhyme, narrative and character analysis into the primary school classroom with classics like Babe and The Gruffalo and other Julia Donaldson favourites. This collection can be used across all states and territories in Australia. 

Victorian TV texts for Primary

Learn the science of sight and sound on Scope and solve the mysteries of The InBestigators with your primary school students with EnhanceTV’s Victoria Primary School TV Texts Collection.

NSW suggested texts for English in Stage 3 and 4

Bring the best storytellers into the classroom with our diverse range of films and documentaries recommended by the NSW Education Standards Authority curated for Stages 3 and 4 English.

Australian Curriculum – English and Literature texts

A curated collection of suggested texts for senior secondary teachers and students of English, Essential English and Literature . Films and documentaries taken from the Australian Curriculum sample text lists.

Victoria VCE suggested texts

Get ready to test your literary and critical thinking skills with films prescribed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for VCE.

NSW HSC English prescribed texts

Challenge students assumptions about the world they live in with historicised fiction and coming-of-age cinematic masterpieces set by the NSW Education Standards Authority for the HSC.

QLD Film and TV texts for Secondary

From Kubric’s 2001: A space odyssey to  classics like The Wizard of Oz. These are some to the great films the Queensland Studies Authority recommends for English and film high school students.

SACE English collection of suggested film texts

A curated collection of films and TV shows for use in South Australian and Senior Northern Territory secondary school classrooms to support the study of English and Media Arts.