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EnhanceTV is a not-for-profit video site exclusively for Australian teachers and students.


EnhanceTVs primary video collections provide a short selection of curriculum-linked videos with supporting teaching resources to easily include in your lessons.

Copy and paste the links into your learning management system to assign activities to students wherever they are. 

Get started with primary English

Bring rhyme, narrative and character analysis into the primary school classroom with classics like Babe and The Gruffalo and other Julia Donaldson favourites. This collection can be used across all states and territories in Australia. 

Get started with primary science

‘Show, don’t tell’ with videos all about the weather and where food comes from with classic For the Juniors. Get to know how forces and living things shape the Earth and our survival on it with Scope. See how energy is transformed and materials work in hands on experiments on Wow! That’s Amazing — then try them in class!

Get started with primary maths

Introduce basic counting and addition with Numberblocks. Develop knowledge of angles, describe routes and recognise fractions with MathXplosion. Consolidate students’ understanding of percentages and apply it to food waste in Ecomaths. And orientate your class to map scales and rotating shapes with Look Kool.

Aboriginal Australian story time

A collection of stories read by prominent Aboriginal Australian authors and illustrators. Read these funny, poignant and engaging stories to younger learners then discuss the stories and pictures together. Questions and discussions points can be found in the story overviews.

Bluey interactive

Explore some of the teachable themes of Bluey through online discussion and interactive activities. Inspire creativity in foundation and lower primary students as six-year-old Bluey and sister Bingo transform household objects into hospitals, zoos and entire neighbourhoods.

Children’s book to film adaptations

Is a movie director’s vision more vivid than a child’s imagination? Challenge your students to compare what they’ve read with what they’ve watched in these film adaptations of classic books for children.

The Julia Donaldson collection

Animated versions of the much loved books by Julia Donaldson. See the Gruffalo, Stick Man, the Highway Rat, Zog and the witch from Room on the Broom come to life with delightful animations, superb music and celebrity voices.