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Make screen time count: video storytelling in your classroom

Category: Creativity and the Arts: Wednesday 18th March, 11:30am.

In this session we’ll examine curriculum-linked video narratives that are bursting with stories you can apply in your lessons. Using Aussie Inventions and Go Back to Where You Came From, we’ll also demonstrate a range of differentiated activities that will reveal how you can put the power of storytelling into students’ hands.


Anne Chesher
Education Specialist – TV & Creative Media
One of Australia’s leading authorities in childrens’ education and screen content, Anne’s experience and knowledge of the education sector and the screen industry has culminated in her PhD research entitled – Television in the 21st Century Classroom. A curriculum specialist, Anne has produced teaching resources for Australian and international broadcasters. 

Cultivating collaboration: cross-curricular applications of video in the classroom

Category: Teaching with Technology. Thursday 19th March 1.30pm.

Delivering future-focused pedagogies and teaching tools, EnhanceTV will demonstrate how programs such as War on Waste can facilitate cross-curricular collaboration that brings students together and engaged in real-world issues.


Penny Christie

Snr Curriculum Specialist – Video
An experienced primary teacher, Penny is a passionate advocate on integrating ICT, visual literacy and creativity into the classroom to maximise student engagement and learning outcomes. Penny applies her expertise to support primary and secondary teachers to discover the full potential of video for their students in her role as a senior curriculum specialist at EnhanceTV.

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“We like that different year groups can be blocked from certain program ratings, so student wellbeing is supported by this. We recommend EnhanceTV to all who ask.”

Kristen Southwell 
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“I strongly recommend the use of EnhanceTV in our primary classrooms. It is a fantastic resource and it’s great to be able to access quality media quickly and easily.  By supporting the Australian Curriculum, EnhanceTV will see our students engaged and excited by their learning”

Dennis Yarrington
Former President, APPA