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Film by Aussie Kids Festival invites all students from Australian primary and secondary schools to create a short film!

Step 1. Teachers, if your school doesn’t have an existing EnhanceTV school plan, sign up to a free school trial using the form below. This will provide access for both teachers and students to view the film festival. 

Step 2. Review and share with your students the entry information.


Theme: Connecting with your environment in an online world.

We all know it was a tough summer in Australia. And now, our environment makes our world a very small place. With the issues on our doorstep, what is our planet telling us? How do we come together and support one another to stay connected and make changes to serve and protect each other and our planet? If you could share a story of how you feel about our environment and what we can do, what would it be?

This creative arts / wellbeing festival is designed for:

  • students to contribute their voice and creativity around their environment, whilst giving them a chance to reconnect with their friends over the unique term ahead. 
  • From a teaching perspective, you could align it to what you are doing in class, perhaps a cross-curricular initiative or part of your project based learning program. 

There’s great prizes to be won. Entry deadline is Friday 29th May 2020 with the film festival to screen on EnhanceTV on World Environment Day (5th June 2020). And what a unique day it will be this year!

Sign up below to your free schools trial, then checkout the details on the Filmby entry information page and share them with your students today.

We look forward to viewing your creative storytelling.

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Students cannot access school trials. It must be through a teacher. 

EnhanceTV encourages respect for copyright. It takes a lot of people to tell Australian stories on screen and, in participating in this competition, you will be one of them. Ensure all the elements in your film – ideas, footage, pictures, dialogue, graphics and music – are your own or permission has been acquired.

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