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EnhanceTV is uniquely positioned in Australia as the only not-for-profit educational video platform. Unlike other platforms in the market, we put learning outcomes ahead of profit, students ahead of shareholders, and value creation ahead of revenue generation. 

Our motivation – enhancing curriculum learning outcomes – translates into a service that has been designed to meet schools’ needs, rather than to extract dollars from school budgets.

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“I strongly recommend the use of EnhanceTV in our primary classrooms. It is a fantastic resource and it’s great to be able to access quality media quickly and easily.  By supporting the Australian Curriculum, EnhanceTV will see our students engaged and excited by their learning”

Dennis Yarrington

Former President, APPA

 “Learning is enhanced through multichannel processing, because we have an amazing capacity for visual memory, written or spoken information paired with visual  information results in better recall.”

Louis Cozolino


Why Video?


Video supports Active Learning

Research indicates that visual cues help us to retrieve better and remember information. Our brain is primarily an image processor (much of our sensory cortex is devoted to vision), not a word processor.

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visual thinking contributes the ability to see the big picture –  to provide context and an understanding of relationships. This is why visual thinking is important to creativity.

When video is matched with specific instructional goals, it helps more students to achieve higher levels whilst appealing to a wider and more engaged number of students.



We're safe for young learners.

EnhanceTV provides a safe space for children to watch the shows they love and the videos teachers trust. Our content is classified according to Australian guidelines and account administrators have control over which classifications can be watched by each year level.


We keep it simple.

If you’ve only just discovered us, whether you’re an individual teacher or represent an entire school, you could be watching EnhanceTV in only a few moments from now. We provide seamless, immediate and ongoing access to video.


We're for storytellers.

When you subscribe to EnhanceTV, you are not only getting the best educational broadcast content in the one place, you are also supporting the storytellers who create it. Your patronage contributes to local creative industries to help them produce more educational content.



Find curriculum-linked videos quickly through easy curation

From 1902’s A Trip to the Moon to the latest episode of Behind the News, EnhanceTV provides easy access to thousands of videos in a single curated collection. Search via topic or theme with our Collections archive or discover new content via the subject and year level.


Deepen learning through Interactive Quizzes

Embed interactive learning moments in which deep learning can occur for students. Interactive learning experiences can be created by manipulating and editing videos to include moments in which students are led to pause and engage with a focused learning activity.


Be selective through Clipping

Until recently the use of video for teaching has tended to involve showing perhaps a 30 minute programme to the whole class. Create your own clips allowing to show the key snippets relevant to students. 


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